Avellino is now far away from a good run or form, as the side comes from
their fourth game in a row without a victory. In the most recent game,
they took only a point away from home against Pro Vercelli last Sunday
afternoon in a goalless game.

The game itself was actually more interesting than what the final result
says, as the home team had much more of the ball possession and
dominance. Avellino didnt create much in attack, while the hosts had
their amount of chances, but without making the difference in the end.

This way Avellino continued their really poor run away from home till
now with just two victories. They are currently at fifteenth position
with just two points more than play-out placed Brescia and are surely in
need of points in this one.

Home side misses goalkeeper Radu (17/0). Midfielders Gavazzi (7/2) and
Lasik (6/0), but also forward Bidaoui (23/3). Other goalkeeper Iuliano
is also sidelined, but without performing so far in the season either.

Parma did much better last Sundays afternoon as the side won with a 3:1
result at home against Foggia. They were set as slight favorite before
the game and have responded in such manner, but later during the game.

Visitors received a red card in fourteenth minute already when Loicano
got sent off, but it didnt stop them from taking the lead ten minutes
later thanks to goal from Mazzeo. Hosts tried to react, but only managed
to get things together starting with the second half.

They were far better in the second, creating chance after chance but
only managed to open up the opponent in last seventeen minutes. Calaio,
Siligardi and Ceravolo were goalscorers for, in the end, completely
deserved victory for Parma.

Visitors will miss midfielders Ciciretti (2/0), Da Cruz (6/0) and more
important Scozzarella (23/0) for this one.

Avellino have failed to win any of their last 4 matches.

Both teams will enter the match wanting to get away with all three
points. Avellino plays much more open minded football at home, while
Parma anyway remains a favorite. However, whole league is pretty
balanced one and visitors arent to be trusted that much. So, my first
betting choice will be both teams to score at least once.

玩法 大分 指数 小分 进球数 大分(1.07) 2/2.5 小分(0.80)