Empoli scored a crazy tournament speed and it will be difficult for
someone to stop them now. Wards of Aurelio Andreazzoli have not lost
since last year, their unbeaten series to date is 17 matches. Obviously,
such results are not accidental, Empoli is really now in a garment form
and do not leave any chance for opponents. For the direct qualification
there is still not enough points- the gap from the second and third
places is five and six points respectively, which does not allow me to
talk about that Empoli will promote to Serie A. However, given the
prevailing tendency in the last 17 matches, the weight of expectations
to them may be counterproductive in todays game.

Salernitana is a unique club in todays Serie B they are the only team
that has ensured a comfortable break from the relegation zone, but has
virtually no chance at the playoffs. In an environment of incredible
density on each section of the table, the result of the wards of Stefano
Colantuono is really impressive. Despite the fact that the gap from the
eighth Parma is only six points there is no reason to believe that the
team do not want to fight till the end.

Empoli, as I said, are in perfect shape, but the guests in the last four
games have shown that they have not yet betrayed and can prove it, but
will they succeed against Empori? The first match for the season ended
with the victory of Salernitana, but they have never won at Stadio Carlo
Castellani. So today I am against the odds.

玩法 主队 指数 客队 让分 恩波利(0.91) 一/球半 萨勒尼塔纳(0.99)